We provide a variety of service for the security of the property, plant, individual safety to our clients. Our service includes the security providing to corporate offices, provide bouncer to different organization, security to industrial sector, security to individual by providing body guards, providing security service to residence, detective service for different purpose and so on.

Industrial security service

People who needs to secure their industries and plants from threats like burglary, theft, fraud and damage, we are there for them. Our expert guards are dedicated to ensure the safety of the zone they are posted in. they are also expert in fire emergencies if any incident regarding fire explosion occurs. People are concern about the poor service providing by different security providing companies Security provider Delhi as well as other areas including Security service Noida can rely on us for having quality service they will not get from any other companies.

Corporate office Security Service

The service we provide for security of corporate offices is exemplary. Our guards are always alert for facing any unwanted situations in the corporate offices like unwanted entrance of outsider. They get necessary training for facing any sort of instability in corporate offices.

Bouncer providing service

We are proud of provide excellent service in provide skilled and strong bouncer to the entertainment sector like night clubs and bars. They are highly skilled for controlling crowed and any unwanted occurrence in the night club or bar. Our bouncers are very professional in doing their duty and they gives priority of the safety of the organization they are working for. Before posting, we provide necessary training to our bouncer so that they can dedicate themselves in doing their duty properly.

Providing Detective Service

Detective service for different purpose is an excellent service that we offer to our clients. We higher intelligent people and train them in different kinds of investigation. People who want to get a thorough investigation on any matter can rely on our smart and intelligent detectives. On different types of cases like investigation on marital issues, it can be pre marital investigation or post marital investigations; our professional comes with excellent investigation report and presents it to the clients.

Residential Security Service

It is important to make sure the safety and security of the residence of yours. If you are looking for security who will look up on you residence 24/7, we are there for helping you. We have a group of guards trained in residential security who are dedicated for providing security of your residence from burglary, theft, violence and any other wrong doing. We not only provide security service in Delhi and Noida, we provide security service across the whole India even including Security services Gurgaon.

Security service in Financial Institutes, Hospital and other Institutions

Our service in different institutions including financial institutes such as Banks, ATMs, other health and education related organization like hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, universities is phenomenal. The service we were providing in this sector was highly appreciated by our client because of the professionalism of our personnel.