Security services in Gurgaon bloom to meet the expectationsof 250 Fortune 500 companies

Gurgaon is also known as the Millennium City for its rapid growth over the past years. Its vicinity to New Delhi made it the perfect choice for the most prestigious companies. It holds today the Indian headquarters for half the Fortune 500 companies in India.

Unfortunately, local government has not kept a good pace with any of the basic services, and most companies built offices with their own infrastructure. It includes water and electricity. In recent years also security services in Gurgaon are contracted to the private sector.

One of the main targets for criminals is employees working for one of the many Fortune 500 companies. The settlement of these enterprises in Gurgaon has also shown an increase in the total income per capita, which has risen to take the third place in India.

Main Concerns

The main concerns from companies and people are diverse types of carjacking. Things left unattended on a car are at risk and are most likely to be stolen. This kind of criminal act has increased 68% in the past three years.

Stolen cars raised even more, with a 69.5% increase over the same time. Th situation has referred to the awareness of companies who are setting programs to prevent this type of crimes. Both awareness campaigns and added security services are part of the actions to prevent employees from becoming victims.

However, the company’s efforts are limited to the office boundaries. Homes remain unprotected, and other public places such as malls and entertaining business still are at high risk.


Among the recommendations send to top notch company employees to keep a low profile and cooperate at all times to prevent injuries and murder stand out.

Awareness campaigns include official training either virtual or taught by a presence class on their security services specialist. Some of the most daring campaigns also include self-defense training, but most sticks to some basic recommendations send via e-mail. Recommendations include:

  • To avoid the same path when traveling from home and office. By regularly changing time and route will make it harder to be a targeted victim.
  • To find a secure parking place. Especially at night, if cars are outside the office boundaries, it is recommended to take it inside before dawn.
  • If attacked, cooperate at all times. Life is irreplaceable, and one should make good care of it.
  • To use only recommended transportation services, from a list of pre-approved vendors.
  • Avoid showing personal belongings in public. It includes money, credit cards, electronics, and jewelry.
  • Be accompanied at all times.In particular,be aware when walking in lonely places and visiting public ATMs.
  • Use ATM for cash retirements inside the corporate facilities only.

These recommendations are meant to address the main concerns of international companies, who seek to take good care of their employees by raising awareness and training. The inability of local authorities to keep crime under control can seriously damage future investments in this city.


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