Burglary is a Fertile Market for Security Services in Gurgaon

One of the biggest cities in India is Gurgaon. It holds around one million people and the real estate market has grown significantly over the past ten years to accommodate workers for Gurgaon’s growing industry. Unfortunately, the sustained growth of the city has also brought a wave of crime.

According to the police records, early in 2016,three burglaries per day were reported. Criminals take the opportunity while people are outside their homes. Robberies during daylight are common since most people attend to offices at daytime. Vacations are the next most sought times for criminal activity under this sector. People reported gold and silver jewelry and cash as the most important economic losses, followed by electronic items and other goods.

The lack of security infrastructure is the gap to be closed to decrease assault for residences. This is a good chance for companies in the security service sector in Gurgaon to expand and add new services to their portfolio. In the following lines, we are going to explore some of the services that can be enhanced to improve security at home.

CCTV Services

Video surveillance is a good option to inhibit robbery. When burglars select a house to steal at times, the sole presence of a video camera makes them choose a different residence. If the crime occurs, there is a higher chance to find the assaulter s if there is a hard evidence of the offense like a video recording.

More sophisticated CCTV services will be connected to the network to trigger alarms or for remote monitoring, either at a monitoring center or upon request by the house owner.

At other countries, CCTV cameras at home connect directly to the police surveillance system. It would be an interesting approach for security companies to offer this type of services in Gurgaon. Working together with the authorities is important to reduce crime rates.

Alarm Systems

Alarms are the second security system people think of to protect their homes. There are two types of alarm systems: passive and active alarms.

Passive alarms are meant to detect an intruder, and they trigger a sound to attract people in the surrounding area and scare off attackers. This type of systems offers little benefits on most sectors of Gurgaon because most houses are empty when the assaults happen. Burglars know it, and the effect of driving them away does not happen.

Active alarms, on the other hand, are a more efficient way to protect homes. Security services will find them more attractive since they represent a sell beyond a unique event. A steady income comes from an active alarm contract.

A typical setting of an alarm at home is by placing a set of sensors in doors and windows strategically. For larger homes, motion sensors are also added to detect unusual activity inside the property. They are all linked to a central system that has continuous communication with the central base. If an alarm is triggered, they send a private patrol and call the police, while they also locate the homeowner.







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