Security Services in NOIDA

Security around the World This world is getting insecure. The safety around the world is compromised. The risk of being taken down by any other force has been increasing due to the world’s increasing issues on terrorism and crime. Whatever and wherever the place is, the security is under threat. The government of different countries[…]

Security Services in Delhi

Security awareness has risen in the last years in the Delhi Area. Companies and ordinary people have been victims of crime organizations. Let’s take a look at some security services in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi. Uniformed Guarding Services Especially for companies, uniformed guarding services are one of the most frequent offers for security services Delhi.[…]

Burglary is a Fertile Market for Security Services in Gurgaon

One of the biggest cities in India is Gurgaon. It holds around one million people and the real estate market has grown significantly over the past ten years to accommodate workers for Gurgaon’s growing industry. Unfortunately, the sustained growth of the city has also brought a wave of crime. According to the police records, early[…]

Security services in Gurgaon bloom to meet the expectationsof 250 Fortune 500 companies

Gurgaon is also known as the Millennium City for its rapid growth over the past years. Its vicinity to New Delhi made it the perfect choice for the most prestigious companies. It holds today the Indian headquarters for half the Fortune 500 companies in India. Unfortunately, local government has not kept a good pace with[…]