About Us

About Us

AVS guard and Detective services Pvt. Ltd. is a security service providing company based in Delhi NCR with PSARA registration. It is serving in the security providing sector for the last 9 years successfully and has been one of the best 10 security service providing company. It has achieved the membership of CAPSI and ADDI. It is providing security and detective service in the Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and all other areas of India. By knowing the fact that Security service Delhi is essential now more than any other time before, because the morals of particular group of people is not up to the mark. So, wrong doing is increasing and different organization and people security is in threat. In spite of the fact that many security providing company is there but most of the Security company Delhi is not providing the quality service that people needs. We are targeting to meet the lacking of this sector with our service.  

Our Mission

The company works aiming provide the best possible security and detective service for safeguarding your company from violence, fraud, burglary and any other illegal activities.

For whom we work for

We work for corporate companies, for individuals who needs personal securities and for different types of organizations.

Our service of providing security and detective services includes providing service to:

  1. Corporate Offices
  2. Hospitals and healthcare sector
  3. Housing sector
  4. Shopping centers
  5. IT institutes
  6. Education institutes
  7. Financial Institutes
  8. And other sectors

Our team includes the best personnel in the security providing sector with highly skilled guards who are dedicated to do their duty in any circumstances whatsoever. Our business motto is to gain customer satisfaction by providing the best service based on their demand.

We train our guards and personnel which constructed with all preliminary and functional work to operate, including;

Code of Conduct




Misconduct and Wrongdoing handling

Handling of inebriation


Alliance and Reporting process

Interrogation of Suspect

Patience to deal with threats

Securing plant and offices

Checklists of Security

Fire exigency

Use of Codes in facing Threats

First aid procedures

Special Operating Procedures (SOP)

The skill of the Security guards delhi and in other area of India is not satisfactory because of not following this preliminary and functional training properly. So, most of the employees of different security providing company cannot provide the satisfactory service and people are losing trust in them. By considering this fact, we aimed to make a change and follow these basic things.  These all procedures help our personnel to be able to meet the demands successfully of our clients. We care for our clients and what they want. We evaluate the personnel in the time of selecting for our tem on the basis of these fundamental requisites of security providing. It helps us to provide quality security service to our valuable clients. We provide our service on the basis of their needs by understanding what they actually want to get from us. Clients need is our foremost priority.